Words are known to be one of the most powerful tools to deliver an idea on the face of the planet. From historical aspect, words were able to instigate wars between nations and have also successfully ended them. People were able to use words to create friendships, win over a lover and even reach moments of heartbreak. 


Unfortunately, not every individual has the ability to articulate their ideas into writings. If you are one of the people who don’t find it easy to write their ideas, we have ways that will make it easier and even more enjoyable to use your words to improve your interactions with your readers. The techniques we will be talking about will not only be help communicate the brand’s identity but will also add much need uniqueness to your content. 




Let us start by scratching over all the basics that we have learned in our basic English classes. This is because a reader of written content enjoys the idea of having mini breaks in while reading the material, this is why it is always better to utilize the use of fragmented sentences which can be easily transformed into bullet points in their minds. 

Blocky and lengthy texts are usually tiring for your average joe to comprehend. For example, we have all seen someone’s caption on an Instagram post and thought that it is just too much for a mere Instagram post. This is usually because it has no eye reliefs or line breaks. As a result, no individuals will actually read the whole of the text, and even if they did, they will not be able to comprehend the whole of it. 

You should use line breaks to make your writing less intimidating, more digestible, and more inviting by dividing it into smaller sections. 



Try your best to write with a specific intention in your head. 

Start writing with an active voice

Companies that have successful marketing strategies are known for their extensive usage of active language in their mottos. This is shown in companies Nike and McDonalds and their announcements.


“Just do it” and “I’m lovin’ it”

These companies are successful in being short, sweet, simple and in the present moment.

Explore people’s emotional needs

Humans are beings that acknowledge emotions and their value. When writing your text, try your best to locate the source of pain that your readers are trying to resolve, and the points of pleasure they are trying to pursue, and start to write your content from these perspectives.

Match the exact intention of the user

Find what the reader is actually interested in and showcase your bold intentions in relating to them. Remember that individuals always need an incentive to consume content; and no better incentive exists than serving their basic desires. 

Engage people with insightful stories

Billion-dollar industries are built on stories. 


Take a look at the most successful showmanship based products like Movies and Netflix shows; you will be able to find that they all have one thing in common an immersive storyline. 

Try to follow in their leads, by writing stories from your own experience, and display stories that you have an emotional connection with. Take notes, you’re going to want to remember these.



Make sure to use contractions, especially if the style of your writing is based on an informal methodology, and if it will not defy the purpose of your content. Instead of using I will, I am, they are, cannot (just to name a few).

Try these instead…

I am I’m 

I willI’ll

It will → It’ll

Do not → don’t 

Cannot can’t

You are → you’re

The usage of contractions will allow you to create much less wordy content, which is an advantage that has value in today’s written content.




This one is quick and easy, and you can get started right away. A person usually has a loving way of reading their own material in their head. It’s only when you read aloud that you’ll notice when you stumble over your words. You can correct these errors by reading your copy aloud. It’s worth a shot in your next piece of work.‍




Don’t use big words that people will have to look up to understand you! When it comes to copywriting, the best copywriters use language they know their audience will understand. Instead of trying to sound like smarty-pants, great communicators and charming people use everyday words. When writing, stay away from words that will cause your reader to become frustrated and irritated.


Try these instead…

Use get instead of procure

Use very instead of infinitely

Use help instead of facilitate

Use show instead of indicate

Use buy instead of acquisition

You get the idea.




Your reader will be able to visualize what you’re painting in their minds if you use descriptive words. Don’t use boring words that don’t use imagery, but rather, help them experience what you’re describing. Be more aware of the words you use, even if they don’t all have to convey a specific meaning to you. The more your reader can visualize your message, the more effective it will be. Your words have the ability to draw readers in and keep them engaged. As if a mini movie is being played in their heads. A person’s imagination is a very powerful tool in the world.

Here are examples of word pictures in action:

“And, just wait until you step into that warm, inviting jacuzzi that comes with every apartment. Man oh, man! The feel of that soothing bubbling water against your bare skin is just plain heaven.”

“The delightful aroma of these charcoal-broiled steaks will remind you how good it feels to be genuinely hungry.”

*These examples are from Gary Halbert’s, The Boron Letters Chapter 17

Can you not feel what is being described in these texts? 



It is always an improvement to make your text inclusive and inviting which keeps your audience involved!

This can be done by the continuous asking of questions, like this for example:

Do you know the difference between copywriting and content writing? You don’t? Don’t sweat it. The difference is…

Are you still with me here? You are. Perfect, let’s keep on going then…

How exactly do you include readers? I’ll tell you…

Make your writing objectively about your readers. The best word in the English language that makes people stop and consider what they are reading is the word you



That covers it. Now you know how to write words that are easier and enjoyable to read. Now you know that you should:

  • Write actively, be emotional
  • Serve people, surprise people
  • Share stories
  • Writing short sentences, paragraphs and using line breaks will make your text more inviting and less intimidating
  • Using word contractions will make your writer more concise
  • Using simple, common everyday words is a must to make your writing crystal clear
  • Reading your writing out loud will help you polish areas that don’t flow 
  • Using word pictures will suck your reader in and keep them reading
  • Including readers in your writing will keep them engaged



If you’re interested in the art of copywriting and want to boost your skills even further, here are a couple of truly great books to read:

  • The Boron Letters by Gary Halbert
  • The Wizard of Ads: Turning Words into Magic and Dreamers into Millionaires by Roy H. Williams
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