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Based out of Toronto, Ontario, Konstantina Petsis has been an entrepreneur for over 9 years and has worked within a variety of industries. Throughout her many years of experience, she created a personal network of trusted contacts for all the moving parts of a successful business. In January of 2020, she founded The Plug Co. with high hopes in providing businesses with the tools and services they need, to elevate their presence and success in the market. Whether you’re at the beginning stages of creating your vision or ready to hit the international market, Konstantina has built a team full of the expertise you need to shake up your industry!

Motasem Alsayed 

Project Manager & Market Analyst 

Motasem is not only an excellent team leader, but an incredible team player.
With a Master’s from Concordia University Montreal in Civil & Structural Engineering, he has the knowledge and skills to guide projects to completion. Whether it’s training new employees, or negotiating new contracts, there’s nothing he cannot excel in. By leading business projects across industries such as management consulting, construction, agricultural, and wholesale trade (import/export) Motasem is our jack of all trades.

Kate Antonova

Digital Project Manager

Kate has leveraged years of experience in video game production and a Master’s in Computational Linguistics into digital project management. She has a solution orientation and looks for practical ways to solve business problems using a mix of technology and processes. Kate is a strategic thinker, who also has technical skills, allowing her to find the best solution.  Kate is effective at building and growing a team of diverse professional backgrounds. Her attention to the team and the professional and welcoming environment she fosters earn her loyalty.

Mark Rogers

US Logistics & Sales Manager

Our US sales team wouldn’t survive without Mark. Accomplished in developing effective processes and directing complex logistics functions for multimillion-dollar projects, Mark has the ability to coordinate tasks of numerous internal divisions and external agencies
With advanced expertise in reviewing invoices and shipping manifests he maintains full compliance with local customs and international regulations. Mark has all the tools and abilities to identify redundancies and streamline all operations.

Hassan Ayoubi

Product Manager

Being a former Consultant Engineer, Researcher at Concordia University and having two Master’s degrees in Structural Engineering helped Hassan refine his analytical and problem solving tactics. As a cofounder of Smart City X, a startup aimed at maintaining sustainable living in big cities by utilizing innovative technologies, Hassan was able to understand the digital world. His creative mindset lets him manage several projects where he navigates strategies for tackling the market and seeks out best practices for building client relationships while maintaining a healthy team environment.

We Connect

With our wide network around the globe, we are able to connect you to the missing piece that you need to complete your project. We have boots on the ground in many countries ready to explore the market, do inspections and provide updates right from the source. Our connections with trade commissioners will maintain the trust that you need to build a long term relationship. We are The Plug and we will connect you.

Technical Projects

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