Wooooh!!! I have to say that this article took me on a trip down memory lane. The idea of starting a business, why I decided to start it and the changes that I was going through with my life at the time. I must admit, this blog started as a social media post showing why did I choose this name for my company; but then I found that it would be more fitting to talk about it as an origin story for this business, leading up to it being named the Plug.

It all started with me standing behind a bar and a simple goal: Work as hard as humanly possible to be able to save up for a down payment on a house. This was important to me as owning a house was my mom’s dream. An immigrant that always wanted to own a house in her newfound home Canada, wanting what represents the life of a Canadian citizen: stability.

I was able to save up the needed money and buy the house that both me and my mom shared in our dreams, needless to say, that was one of the moments in which life peaked for me until then. Unfortunately, two months after that my mother got extremely sick and left me responsible for a whole household on my own. As a result, I started working hard through the days and relying on juices to be energized and gain the ability to continue working long hours.

During all these circumstances I found that I was constantly filled with anger, regret and self-hate. From my perspective, day in and day out I was wasting hours to financially survive but with no motive or goal that resonated with my personality or mind.

I could safely say that the only time I was passionate during my passing day was during the preparation of the juices that I consumed within my day. This is when it hit me, I can sell this juice, this is an extremely underrated product that I can with a good marketing strategy and efficient branding make it gain traction in the market and find reliable customers for it. This revelation made me understand the absolute power of branding and the importance of having a target for this branding process. I started by promoting each juice to be of benefit to two specific organs, this was then followed by naming each juice spiritually after what they inspire the drinker to do. I then used mottos that I sincerely believed in to represent each one of the juice flavors.

I started by creating batches of the different juices and giving out samples to potential clients who could be interested in buying bulks of the juice. I succeeded in formulating a clientele that befits my product, and my criteria for selling it.  However, this experience thought me an important aspect of business and product creation: Having connections, and the ability to reach the correct people of your market or industry is of grave importance and criticality to your success.

That was when I decided to expand my idea of a business, to be more than a company for creating juice, but to become an entity at the center of creating a web of connections. Since then, I have become the person that you come to if you want to get a connection to something. I worked really hard in multiple industries and with different countries, to be able to reach esteemed political and business figures in multiple countries.

Although this may seem like a fairy tale story, you must understand that it was all due to extreme hard work, and never-ending brainstorming sessions. This is because the need to hold a place in a new market needs two extremely important aspects: Trustworthiness and intelligence. The first is a characteristic that comes with a history of trial and errors, and a long list of satisfied clients who got what they wanted from their connection with your team. The second aspect is to display confidence in new ideas that will actually help your client evolve and not just solve a singular current problem.

To achieve this point successfully, you should be able to create a team of critical thinkers, people who would be able to understand problems and know the correct way of looking at them to be able to solve their roots, and not just their weeds.

Look at that! I think I dilated the story of the business and forgot about talking about the origins of its name. The consistency and ability of this infant company were actually noticed by multiple clients who had multiple needs, which made me, and my team feel like we are a connection to the source, an outlet, a socket, a path or -you guessed it- A Plug. We thought of it as a name that resonates with the responsibility that we take on to connect our clients to everything they need, whether ideas, people or products; we are their connected Plug.

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